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Present situation of domestic research on regional logistics information

since 2001, China's logistics experts and scholars began to pay attention and to study the issue of regional logistics information, research on regional logistics information literature started to significantly increase. Analysis on regional logistics information
    Li Zicheng (2001 closely linked to the development of the logistics industry in the Western region information problem, analyzed the present situation of logistics industry in the West and features, and according to the situation of logistics development in the West, Western logistics information corresponding to a plan put forward. But this article needs to be better reflected in the West own characteristics of logistics information.
    Chen Tao (2002) on in recent years logistics industry to information development of trend for has described and analysis, this based Shang, pointed out that has China logistics information development and international advanced level in operation and concept Shang exists larger of gap, description has China currently in letter j card North facilities development level, and and e-commerce of knot and information platform of construction, aspects of problem, and on future of development direction and problem of solution proposed has recommends. But the literature on measures to promote the development of logistics Informationization discussion is relatively simple, lack of maneuverability.
    He Yanzi (2003) a case study of Hunan province discussed in regional logistics information
of specific issues. It described the logistics informatization construction in the economic development of Hunan and
, and based on the analysis of status quo of modern logistics Informationization construction in Hunan province, put forward several measures to strengthen logistics information
province-wide. But the document content mining discussed enough, lack of
a certain amount of data analysis.

Zhao Zhenfeng (2004) discusses the company's strategy of logistics information technology helps improve service levels, logistics Informationization is the inevitable way of improving enterprise competitiveness.
    Huang Wencheng (2004) that the logistics informatization in China is still in its infancy stage, gap it is clear that this will affect customer service level. In view of the present demand of logistics Informationization in China mainly to basic information, so construction of logistics Informationization in China must be customer-centric, results-oriented and take the road of progressive information.
    lijinsong (2004), according to China's actual conditions and the current situation, to speed up traffic information, is the focus on the development of the transport direction. This document introduces the development situation of transportation information, speed up the significance of transportation information, and from the four main programme proposes measures to speed up the informatization development of the transport, has practical value.
    Gao Shuting (2005) describes logistics information technology companies market behavior and the role of the entire supply chain.
    Ma Rongfei (2005) introduces Korea domestic logistics information technology practice, then Korea for efforts to achieve integration of the logistics information system of, and puts forward some effective measures.
    Dong Qianli, and Zhu Changzheng (2005) considered that small and medium sized logistics enterprises, big business, computer information processing about more and more. Article proposes the establishment of a virtual network to strengthen collaboration among small and medium sized logistics enterprises, through the establishment of an information network to connect the isolated small and medium logistics enterprise information system, so as to achieve the objective of joint and collaborative.
    Dong Lei (2005) describes the development of logistics Informationization in China the current situation, analyses the problems of logistics Informationization in China, put forward the basic way to solve the problem.
    Yang Dekun (2005) defined the meaning of logistics information and analysis on the problems existing in the process of development of logistics Informationization in China; based on the proposed mining development, logistics based on logistics information resources information network communication, logistics support of information dissemination technology and external measures such as promoting Government for implementation of logistics information development [12]. But the article's discussion of the implementation measures is relatively simple, mostly macro, the lack of concrete operational measures.
    lengmei (2008), based on analysis of informatization in Nanning, Nanning logistics information development guidelines and suggestions for the development goals, clear, Nanning city, the main task of logistics information development: promotion of logistics enterprises. North building processes; improve the level of application of logistics information technology, increasing logistics. standardization efforts Quicken the construction of public logistics information platform; to further raise the level of clearance services; Promote logistics information training, from the Government, industry associations, business, financial, human resources, security and to create an atmosphere of security measures!


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