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Problems and deficiencies of regional logistics information

(a) demand is still dominated by job control  
     quite a long period, Job control-oriented demand of logistics information, that is implemented in the standard process of information collection, transmission, storage and sharing, decision and control mechanisms that depend on information. From a general point of view, most of the enterprises in our country, in particular the needs of SMEs are still at a lower level, that is to use a smaller amount of investments to solve business process  
informatization problems, establish mechanisms to decision to rely on information, particularly the deep into the different segments of the business to financial accounting. Such demand is the mainstay of the market, accounting for more than 80%. Small enterprises has entered a higher level of basic good demand, optimize process design and operation. Such companies should have good business management, better information base can provide the system guarantee of process reengineering and data base. Ningbo logistics company such demand of market share is still small, but growing faster. And really get into the supply chain management enterprise is still rare at this high demand levels. &Nbsp;
     (b) information technology awareness raising, lower overall planning capacity  
     in recent years, from government departments to the enterprise to an increasing awareness of the importance of logistics information, "information is the soul of logistics" has received wide recognition from all walks of life in China, and all kinds of enterprises showing a developing logistics information platform, Application situation of comprehensive or specialized logistics information systems. In 2004, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of railways, Ministry of communications and nine ministries jointly issued a circular on promoting development of modern logistics industry in China, in 2009 the State Council promulgated the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan, to establish the logistics public information platform for one of the nine focus on engineering, construction and development of logistics Informationization rise to the historical new heights. At present, China's Governments at all levels also has as a basic construction of logistics information development planning and implementation, and further increased the intensity of investment in logistics information. However, Ningbo logistics company corporate total planned capacity is low, deep understanding of the information. Our long-term development strategy has not yet formed a system of logistics information,  
slow development of standardization work and logistics enterprises for their own future development of information technology is the lack of planning, lack of coverage  
fully integrated information systems across the enterprise, few enterprises have now to actually make overall planning information. China Association of warehouse and surveys show, logistics management software is for internal use by up to 94.3%, 81.4% logistics enterprises have their own external website, Ningbo logistics company most applications " Logistics management software ", but the software is relatively simple,  
part is only a fraction of the whole logistics, fleet management software, inventory management software, document management software, few companies realized the entire logistics process information management, only 14.3% Users to plan the information construction of their own, which notes are logistics enterprises because of their mature and other reasons, there was a certain blindness in information construction of "10]. Many users don't know their information needs, often just do whatever comes, results  
led to "islands of information" is very serious. &Nbsp;
     (c) construction and speed up the overall low level of application  
       with China's sustained and rapid economic development, China's logistics industry showing a momentum of rapid growth, and logistics information input increases, construction continues to accelerate. But I have to say, compared with the international advanced level, our water is still at a relatively low level of logistics information, particularly small and medium logistics enterprise Informationization level is very low. ' Less advanced information technology applications, limited range of applications, such as arsenic-na held in a foreign country but Yiu write barcode of Pan-practical technologies,  
radio frequency identification technology, GPS/GIS and application of EDI technology in China logistics enterprises less than ideal. Meanwhile,  
facilities is hardly applied. The other hand, Ningbo logistics company warehouse, automatic guided vehicle systems, such as logistics information automatically on the lower level of business production, its people, such as in the large and medium sized logistics enterprises with higher levels of information, its Web site feature in Enterprise &Nbsp;
based applications such as image, as a relatively small proportion of e-commerce platform. &Nbsp;
     in fact, the current low level of application of information technology has become an important factor restricting the development of modern logistics in China, China's logistics industry is an urgent need to raise the level of logistics information, in order to enhance international competitiveness. &Nbsp;
(d) Lack of high-quality modern logistics information management  
     links and complex process of modern logistics, logistics information, also is uncertain, it is difficult to capture feature, so the technology high requirements for practitioners, Modern logistics enterprise should therefore belong to talent-intensive enterprises. But most lack such familiar modern logistics Informationization of logistics enterprise operation law and also in production management professionals. BACK

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