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Ningbo logistics company talk about logistics demand

(A) defined
    logistics needs of common expressed is: must period within social economic activities on production, and circulation, and consumption field of raw materials, and finished and semi-finished products, and commodity and waste items, and waste material, of configuration role and produced of on real in space, and time and costs aspects of requirements, involved transport, and inventory, and packaging, and handling handling, and circulation processing and and of related of information needs, logistics activities of all aspects.
    logistics concepts have broad and narrow two explanations. Broad concept including the potential demand for logistics and logistics needs. Latent demand refers to the logistics of the enterprise's own needs, with enterprise production and management activities in the transport, storage and other logistics activities by enterprises responsible for the logistics needs of the community, is a specialized logistics enterprises (such as third-party logistics) commitment from all aspects of the logistics business.
    a narrow concept only refers to the logistics needs of the community, this requirement is a market behavior, the logistics supplier to provide logistics services.
  (ii) environmental factors that influence demand for logistics
    1. The change of industrial structure
    industrial structure mainly refers to the proportion of tertiary industry. General trend of modern economic development, gradually reduce the proportion of primary industry, and gradually increase the proportion of the secondary and tertiary sectors. In the second industry, electronic industry and growing share of the assembling industry. The industrial production of high added value products, the demand for logistics services is also high, products from the past "heavy thick grew up" to the "thinness" direction, so the demand for logistics services is demand demand from quantitative to qualitative transformation.
    2. market
    market environment has an important impact on logistics demand. The market consolidated and the expansion of markets can promote the expansion of the logistics activities, such as economic globalization, regional integration, such as changes in the market environment, spatial growing range of logistics needs. Trade liberalization and the geographic division of the product to promote logistics, capital flow, information flow of
is growing rapidly. Also, peer level and market within of competition degree also on logistics needs has directly of shadow
ring: competition more fierce, enterprise more to strengthening logistics service capacity construction, corresponding of logistics needs more strong a '
    3. space economic layout
space economic layout of not balance (as natural resources Justice assigned, and industry layout, productivity and consumption groups,) led to real in space and time Shang occurred state change, to caused logistics needs of changes. Create links between industry, will cause the corresponding space logistics needs.
  Division of greater specialization and greater demand for logistics. Regional specialization will lead to regional capital, thus affecting the regional logistics demand.
    5. technological advances technological progress enables
    logistics demand increase or potential logistics needs to be released, and backward technology will curb demand for logistics. For example, in developed countries in Europe and America, use of containers has greatly promoted the development of container intermodal, its fast, secure, low cost soon attracted many customers.
  customer group needs ideas and preferences among consumers, consumers) also affects the level of awareness of logistics logistics needs female Yi Yi and quality. With people living of constantly improve, people for material products of needs also rendering out diverse
of and personalized, not only on commodity of varieties, and quality requirements increasingly high, and increasingly concern commodity of sale lip service, this on businesses of procurement, and purchase force a type, and distribution will produced deep of effect, small bulk, and more batch of purchase way will on logistics needs occurred directly of effect.
    7. commodity trading
    e-commerce using modern computer and information communication technology commodity trading activities, it flows in space and time limits, greatly expands the scope of circulation, improve the efficiency of business flow, circulation, fundamental changes have taken place, and will have a direct impact on the company's mode of operation. Because electronic commerce activities greatly enhance the flow speed and scope, which require logistics must also respond rapidly, logistics operation modes and scope of activities also vary.
    quantitative analysis of logistics demand volume refers to the number of flows of goods. Generalized flow shall reflect the movement of goods in the process of handling operations, stock of goods, goods traffic and jobs such as packing of goods, processing in circulation. However, as there are many logistics, traffic statistics the above link has a certain degree of difficulty, therefore, displacement of general merchandise in the space, that is, cargo transportation (the cargo) or cargo turnover (the freight turnover) as the logistics for analysis.
    total freight traffic generally include all transport modes in a certain period (usually a year) • in order to reach the predicted effectiveness of the sum of the freight volume, you need to collect traffic data for more than 10 years. Conditional can also be separately for the different categories of goods for statistics.
    by different modes of transport cargo in freight transport as a proportion of the total, can analyse the structure of the various modes of transport freight traffic in the area, and master the main mode of transport in the area of freight transport demand management • also found weaknesses and put forward improvement measures. Main mode of transport for freight can be further summarized by type of goods, to analyze the traffic changes of different goods in the region. BACK

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