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Transport rationalization measures

  1. improved means of transport actual load rate
    full use of vehicles rated capacity, reduce travel empty and not full time, reducing waste, obtained by rationalization of the transport. Distribution of agricultural products in the railway transport and vehicle transport, collection loaded vehicle, vehicle handling and vehicle specific measures such as zero discharge, are effective measures to improve the rate of real.
    the construction of economical and efficient transport system to reduce the power investment, increase transport capacity for effective measures to achieve rationalization. This rationalization is important to less people, more output, cost-effective way. Effective measures in this respect at home and abroad are:
      (1) full overhaul "means in locomotive ability allows case, add trailers.
      (2) shipping line and tow law. The transport of materials such as bamboo, wood, bamboo, Woody buoyancy without transport carrying powder tools, tow law, transport, can save itself of means of transport so as to obtain a reasonable power consumption. The unpowered barges into a certain formation, usually "columns", with a tug boat towing, carrying than marine transportation advantages of large capacity, rationalization is obtained.
(3) incremental launching method. An effective method for this is China's inland freight. Inland barges stretch.
formation by motor boat sailing method of pushing forward. The advantage of sailing resistance,}Jv pushing a large amount of speed being transportation costs are very low. Read
  (4) car trailer. Principle of automobile trailers and towing of ships, trains and Hung are basically the same, are in full-level dynamic capabilities based on the increased transport capacity.
    transport transport system of the development of the social meaning of socialization is the development of transport production advantages, professional Division, breaking a family situation of own transport system. Socialization of the transport system, transport system to a higher level, social transportation, intermodal full use by agreement to undertake a transportation-oriented production, were welcomed.
    4. strengthening the circulation processing, rationalization of transport
    enhanced distribution processing is to pursue an important form of transport rationalization, effectively broke a
, changing the load, so as to improve the speed of transport, saving handling costs, reduce the goods in transit. Improve transport efficiency. Due to the characteristic morphology and fresh agricultural products to ask the lone, difficult to achieve Zen of males, if properly processed, can effectively resolve the transportation problems, such as purification, standardization and packaging it to reduce decay or deterioration. Advance aquatic products and meat in their sandwich place ice cubes to cool, to raise vehicle loading and reducing transportation losses.
    5. develop special transportation technology and transportation
    rely on progress of science and technology is an important way of transport rationalization. China's fresh agricultural product distribution in natural form, about 8000^90% of fruits, vegetables, poultry, aquatic products in the open air rather than the cold and heat preservation place loading truck, used ordinary open transport, up to cover a piece of canvas or plastic sheeting, sometimes quilt becomes the best insulation material. Nudity, extensive logistics mode of non-refrigerated, increase in transportation, distribution, retailing and many opportunities for secondary pollution in the process of loading and unloading. With cold storage, refrigerated vehicles, maintain and extend the live physical properties of agricultural products; private cars in bulk and canning, solution of powder, liquid transport losses, poor security issues; " Ro-ro ship "solve the transportation problems of car laden; container ships could accommodate more than the average Cabinet, container high speed
travel, such as speeding up the transportation process, these are ways to use advanced science and technology to achieve rationalization.

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